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120/70B19 60T E07+ TL

SKU: MTE07P1207019


120/70B19 72T E10 TL

SKU: MTE101207019


120/80B18 62S E07+ TL

SKU: MTE07P1208018


130/80-18 72R E09 TL

SKU: MTE091308018


130/80B17 65T E07+ TL

SKU: MTE07P1308017



150/70B18 70T E07+ TL (DAKAR)

SKU: MTE07P1507018D



170/60B17 72T E07+ TL

SKU: MTE07P1706017


170/60B17 72T E10 TL

SKU: MTE101706017


Mitas E07D Adventure Dakar Tyre

The Mitas E07D offers all the great features of the E07 but with thicker, puncture resistant sidewalls. 50% Road / 50% Off-Road

From $159.95

Mitas E10 Dakar Adventure Touring Tyre

The perfect adventure and tourer tyre for rides that include fast highway, tracks, trails and serious off-road terrain. 30% Road / 70% Off-Road

From $199.95

150/70B17 69T E07+ TL (DAKAR)

SKU: MTE07P1507017D