Acronym Meaning / Definition
TT Tube Type
TL Tubeless
Type Tubeless or tube type Tubeless (TL) tyres specially designed for fitment without an inner tube on appropriate rims. Tubeless tyres ma be used with a tube.
PR Ply Rating Identifies the load carrying capacity of a tyre in terms of plies.
LI Load Index Is a numerical code associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its Speed Symbol under service conditions specified by the tyre manufacturer.
SS Speed Symbol Indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load index.
SW Section Width The linear distance between the outside of the sidewalls of an inflated tyre including manufacturing tolerances, tolerances for service growth, elevations due to markings, decorations, protective bands or ribs.
OD Overall Diameter The diameter of an inflated tyre at the outermost surface tread.